Why Missions are Important for Small Churches

Isaac Kurien, creative writer, cees3.com

It may be easy to believe that small, local churches won’t be able to find impactful missions or make a big difference globally, but that is not true. God doesn’t listen to funds; he listens to prayer. Being a small congregation doesn’t mean making an impact is any less possible. For small churches, particularly ones that may not have a very wide reach, large communities, or even their own church building, the vision of what the church can and will do is one of the most important things to the church’s faith. And missions are how our churches pursue —and achieve — that vision.

So small churches must support their missions, whether that means just getting to know and pray for missionaries, partnering with other local churches, or giving only a small portion of their income to missions. Missions are a duty for every church: “Go and preach the good news to everyone in the world” (CEV, Mark 16:15). By being purposeful in supporting the church’s mission, small churches can make a significant impact. Hence, they must be deliberate.

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