Is it time to switch to online giving?

Your leadership works hard to be as prudent and accountable as they can when managing your church's finances. It's crucial to monitor your church's spending carefully, keeping account of both incoming donations and outgoing costs.

You also recognize the significance of providing your contributors with an online giving platform that makes it as easy and convenient as possible for them to send tithes and donations. In reality, internet donations are already accepted by 94% of churches with more than 100 members. After all the effort you've put into being a good steward of your church's finances, finding out that you're most certainly overpaying for your online giving service is concerning. Without monthly fees and hidden costs, the typical processing fee for churches hovers at about 2.9%. As online donations to your church increase, some payment platforms even charge your organization a greater processing fee! Because of this, more churches are making the switch to Cristo+ Giving. The four main explanations provided by churches for the change are as follows:
  1. No ongoing charges or extra costs
  2. With Cristo+ Giving, you can give online worry-free because there are no hidden or monthly fees, unlike other giving sites.
  3. Financial gains
  4. Thanks to GrowCurveTM, your processing rates automatically decrease as your donation increases. A church might save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually by doing this! GrowCurve helped churches using Cristo+ Giving save over $1 million just last year.
  5. Fees Covered by Donors
  6. If your church's donors agree to cover the processing costs, they can give you 100% of the money you receive. When churches activate this Cristo+ Giving feature, an average of 36% of their contributors opt for it, resulting in significant annual savings!
  7. Integration with a more substantial, potent platform
  8. The Ultimate Engagement PlatformTM, which unifies all your digital engagement tools such as your church website, mobile app, live streaming, events, people management, and more, interacts with Cristo+ Giving.

Create a "Make the Switch" webpage with information on why you're switching, how it will help your church better carry out its mission, how to cancel recurring donations with your current provider, and how to set up a new Cristo+ Giving account quickly. A deadline for when your church plans to switch over entirely is a crucial best practice when switching to Cristo+ Giving.

You may take it a step further by having your pastor provide these specifics in a personalized video. The most significant moment to change your online donation preferences, start saving money, and gather all your digital engagement tools is right now! We'll demonstrate how much money your church can save and offer advice on how to encourage your congregation to switch to Cristo+. Make the move today by contacting one of our ministry experts! You can also connect with your Client Success Manager by logging into your Cristo+ Dashboard if you already use the service and want to add Cristo+ Giving.